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Heavy Duty Faraday Cage EMP Bags
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Faraday Cage EMP Bags

Store away your precious electronic items the SMART WAY!

Electronic parts, military equipment and medical devices are some of the sensitive items you can to store.

Faraday Cage EMP bags are specialized for storing high-value electronics. They are made from aluminized polyester that provides the highest level of protection from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

An EMP can cause permanent damage to electronics that contain a microchips and other sensitive electronic circuits such as cell phones, laptops, medical devices, hard drives, battery chargers and more. This high-quality sturdy and durable material will give you years of use.

These Faraday bags can provide extreme protection. Isolating your electronic items are quick and simple. Just put the item in, and zip-lock the closure. You now have multiple tear resistant layers, 7 ml thick protecting your device.

This set of Faraday bags contains three different sizes. This allows you to protect various sized devices. Fitting the device to the proper size bag helps to ensure greater protection.

The Faraday Cage EMP Heavy Duty Bags are just what you were looking for to keep your items perfectly safe.


Features of the Faraday Cage EMP Bags:

  • Made in The U.S.A.
  • Set of 10 pieces with 3 different sizes
  • 5 layers of tear resistant aluminized polyester
  • Zip-lock closure system


  • Brand: Faraday Defense
  • Available in 3 sizes: 12 x 18 inch ? 8 x 10 inch - 5 x 7 inch
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